Manifesto (as a top 10 list)

1. Listen to your inner voice and instinct, it’s all you have sometimes on a project.

2.  Allow mistakes to become new idea’s and not signs of failure.

3.  Find ways for every single person on a project to have their voice heard and idea’s tried at least once.

4.  Patience is more then a virtue, it’s part of the process.

5.  All opinions of the work are important, open your rehearsals to as many as possible.  the strongest work can handle any criticism and still survive another day.

6.  Experimentation is essential for any new idea’s, the permission to fail and learn is the core of almost anything interesting happening in the room.

7.  Try and remember how far you’ve come already.

8.  Inspiration can be found anywhere, let yourself be surprised by what is out there.

9.  Do it, don’t just sit and think about it.

10.  Everything is going to be okIMG_0867


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