Last minute decisions


October 3, 2015
Facilitated by FADO Performance Art Centre
Photo credit: Henry Chan
Two weeks ago I performed for (about) 8 minutes during the durational FADO presented LEGS, TOO at the Artscape Sandbox performance space.  I was in rehearsal all day with another project but watched the Youtube live feed provided by FADO most of the day.  My focus was split all day as I tried to pay attention in rehearsal but was also trying to catch at least a few minutes of each performer during the 8 hour marathon of various performers.  I wanted to allow myself to influenced, inspired, and tangentally connected to all the work that come before me.
I had some idea of what I wanted to do but also did not want to be locked into a idea that did not fit into the flow of those before me (and possibly those after me).  I wanted to be generous to the audience, I wanted to try to understand actions and words that logic doesn’t always take into consideration.  I wanted to be connected to a recent history, a loose community of fearless strangers who gave a lot of themselves, I wanted to be deep inside a space that is concrete and glass.
On my racing bike ride over to the space (I was allowed to leave rehearsal early) I had a moment of inspiration and changed my mind completely.  I instantly loved my new idea more and was finally truely excited to share this new idea.  The second I stepped into the space I felt a warmth of people against the cold of the space, it smelled of experience, soil, and food.
I put my hat over my face, my hood on top, and started to crawl.  With a post-it note pad in my hand, a red sharpie pen, I attempted to go over to people and write out one word that I think they might need.  I could not see anything, not any light or vague shapes but did have sound to guide me forward.  The audience was beautiful, letting me explore, letting me touch, letting me write, letting me try and find my way.

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