The Best Part (looking for collaborators/contributions)



I am creating a new experimental multi-disciplinary piece about the best live experience memory you can remember.  It could be a wedding, a concert, your 16th birthday, a show you did, a sporting event, watching an outdoor event, a party you went to, basically anything you went to live and experienced with other people.  I will then attempt to re-interpret these through dance, music and video to re-create the moment as best as possible.

These memories will act as a springboard to then connect with the audience and explore the possibly of creating the best moment possible in that particular evening.  I am going to attempt to collect as many memories as I can (or that are offered) and continue to stay in touch with those who contribute to make sure they don’t make to change their “best moment” or give me notes if they are not happy with my interpretation.

A rallying cry against the cynical nature of highly critical world where everyone can now be a online critic.  A celebration of the optimism of youth and the hopeful way we can be connected through sharing our memories with each other.  A personal investigation of re-connecting with previous and new collaborators and those whose experiences with live performance inspire me and I wish to share with others.



One thought on “The Best Part (looking for collaborators/contributions)

  1. this looks REALLLLLLLY exciting….who knows what will happen, dad and i are having many ‘discussions’ over what event or……makes you think ok what is memorable…like goodbye montreal makes you think ok why DO i live here and why do i not live someplace else…ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm love, mom


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